Free Fitting Gloves With Orders

Any good guide you refer to for fitting replacement bulbs to a vehicle should, before anything else, advise you wear fitting gloves in order to prevent transfer of dirt, grease, or oil from your skin onto the bulb glass itself.

The consequences of not doing this will almost certainly contribute to premature failure of your bulbs.

The reason for this is any foreign element on the glass will promote a hot spot when the bulb reaches operating temperature, this hot spot then puts more stress in this area eventually leading to "cooking" of the bulb which may or may not result in actual glass breakage.

Here at Aurora Bulbs we care about your bulbs lasting the distance, which is why with every applicable order of lighting products where the bulb contains glass, e.g HID xenon bulbs or replacement Halogen headlights, foglights or indicators etc we will include a FREE PAIR OF LATEX FITTING GLOVES so you can fit your bulbs with no worries of damaging them!

It's little touches like this we believe places us as the UK's leading supplier of vehicle lighting accessories - We care as much as you do!



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