25W LED CANBUS Warning Error Free Load Resistor Kit

  • £3.95

25W Resistor Kit - Available in 8Ω or 25Ω (Ω = Ohms)


If you have tried installing replacement LED bulbs and have dashboard errors, you will know how frustrating it can be, well panic no more! We now provide simple and effective load resistor kits to cure this problem and also stop any hyper flashing of your new LED bulbs.

Why do vehicles need these?

Some newer vehicles use a computer system (CANBUS) to monitor any defect with external vehicle lights for safety reasons and warn the driver via a dashboard alert there may be a bulb out, because LED's draw less current than their halogen counterparts the car will think there is an issue unless one of these resistor kits alters the resistance and satisfies the vehicles systems that there is feedback from the bulb and no broken circuit.

Key Features

      • Highest Quality Construction - 12 Month Warranty
      • Stop Dashboard Errors & Hyper Flashing on 99% of Vehicles
      • Can be used with any bulbs provided by Aurora Bulbs
      • CANBUS error free*

These resistor kits are designed to work alongside our LED products, please contact us if you are unsure which resistor kit you require.

Please note resistors can get hot, it is advised you take precaution to mount them away from any materials which may be harmed such as plastic trims or pieces, and try to mount against other metallic surfaces.



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